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Tropical paradise: Plots of building land for sale in Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic | Santo Domingo | Distrito Nacional | Santo Domingo

€ 48.000
Ref.: 25038

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Tropical paradise: Plots of building land for sale in Santo Domingo

Description:For sale 12 lots of approximately 500sqm beachfront. On each lot can be done:

"Type 1" Building of 110sqm composed as follows: room with balcony, kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms each with its own bathroom, parking and swimming pool. Price € 65,000.00.

"Type 2" Building of 170 sqm with living room, kitchen, utility room, three bedrooms, each with private bath, terrace, swimming pool and parking. Price € 110,000.00.

"Type 3" Building of 186sqm composed of three separate blocks: First block) consists of two rooms, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. (Second and third block) are twins consist of lounge, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Price € 120. 000,00.
The services of water and light pass by close to the land. Distances: 9 miles from Las Terrena, 13km Samana, 3 km from the village El Lemon, 4 km from El Limon waterfall, two hours from the capital Santo Domingo.

History - Colonial City

The first inhabitants of the island were the Tainos, a peaceful and friendly people. They had a culture of rugged mold, comparable to that of a farming village, with daily rhythms marked by rituals, farming and production of handmade pottery. Today, the testimony of the archaeological discoveries of the Tainos people are exposed to the "Museo del Hombre Dominicano" (Museum of the Dominican Man) of Santo Domingo, in the "Parque Nacional del Este" ( East National Park ) and the "Museo de Arte Taino" (Museum of Art Taina) Puerto Plata, for those who travel in the northern region.

On December 5th, 1492, Christopher Columbus reached the shores of one of the islands of the Antilles, and this, in the name of it looked like some regions of Spain, was called "Spanish". On this island Columbus and his men established the first city in the New World. In 1992, on the occasion of the fifth centenary of the discovery of America, was inaugurated the " Faro a Colón " (in honor of Columbus Lighthouse), which can be visited and is located in Santo Domingo.

In 1502, with the arrival of Fray Nicolas de Ovando, it starts a process of rapid colonization by building different cities. Today you can visit the Colonial City of Santo Domingo and admire the monumental buildings and houses still preserved of the first city of the New World (the first cathedral, street, university, monastery ... ).

Santo Domingo, known as the oldest city in America, was the first European settlement in the Americas. In it, the first monuments were buil , the first colonial institutions, the first fortress and the first church. This area still retains more than three hundred historic buildings and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Among the most significant are:

The Alcazar of Columbus: residence of Diego Columbus, son of Christopher, built in the early sixteenth century in the Gothic style Spanish. Today the building houses a museum with objects that belonged to the ancient tenants of the house.

La Casa del Cordón (House of String): probably the first home of the New World, probably the first built on two floors. In it resided Diego Columbus. The name comes from the rope carved on the facade of the house.

The Museo de las Casas Reales (Museum of the Royal Residence): home of the "Real Audiencia" before the Supreme Court, which was established in April 1511. The museum is home to a rich variety of objects related to the colonial life of the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

The ruins of the Hospital San Nicolás de Bari (Hospital San Nicola di Bari): the ruins of the first hospital in the New World, built in 1503 by Governor Ovando.

The Monastery of St Francis: the first monastery of the New World belonging to the order of the Franciscans who arrived on the island in order to evangelize the natives. Its dating back to 1508.

The Ozama Fortress: recognized as the oldest colonial building military of the New World, built in 1505, was used until the '60s.

La Calle de las Damas (Street of the Lord): the first road in America.

La Catedral de Santa María de la Encarnación (Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Incarnation): better known as the oldest cathedral in the Americas. It was built in the mid- sixteenth century.

Contract:For sale


Conditions:Building plot.

View:Wonderful view on the sea.

Utilities:The services of water and light pass by close to the land.

Land:12 lots of approximately 500sqm beachfront.







Area (sq. meter):500

Price: 48.000

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